This school is simply amazing. Angela, the owner has put in so much heart and soul not only into her beautiful facility but into making it a welcoming & home feeling place when you walk in.... everyone is welcomed there with open arms and she is so understanding and sweet, she truly just wants the best for you in life and will move mountains to help any way she can. I almost signed up at another CNA school and so thankful I found this school before I did, I feel so wanted her and the tuition is very affordable compared to surrounding schools. I’m so honored that I get to have Angela as my instructor and that I will be leaving this school with so much knowledge and experience, can’t thank her enough!!
Such a good experience I drove an hour to this place everyday that’s how good it is! So happy and feel so prepared to work in a facility
Santiago M.
After looking around at several places to take a CNA course, this was the best option I found. Through out the course the instructor Angela did everything she could to go above and beyond helping me and the others in class. When someone teaches from passion it really shows, and Angela is passionate about what she does. I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you for everything!
Aston D.
Taking this course was the best decision I’ve ever made. Angela is the best instructor she really cares and will help you succeed. This school is the perfect place to come to and become an CNA. I learned a lot during this program. Thank you!
Arianna W.
This facility offers sponsorships. MHA is a great place to learn and further your career with a wonderful instructor!
Van P.
Awesome school! Theres a work-school agreement where they pay for your school tuition & employ you at the same time! Lovely & very supportive instructor. You are missing out if you pass up this opportunity.
Evan W.
Angela is a great teacher and offers awesome assistance when you need help with your learning. I am grateful for the opportunities she has given me through her CNA class.
Jasmine R.
I really enjoyed the training i went through and all the help i received in the program to pass. Angela is a good teacher and helps in many different ways.
Niki S.
It is a very good school with a great instructor. The work program is wonderful! I feel very prepared in moving forward into my job. Not only do you get paid to learn, you'll have a job when you pass and finish the class!
Gabrielle G.
I love the instructor she very, educated and delicate to make sure all students are equipped in the medical field. Also I got a job and a scholarship at the clinical site we performed are skills at.
Nichole B.
I was sponsored to have my tuition paid for and work for Shelby Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. I was also paid while taking the class. This was an awesome experience to get into the healthcare field and educated on becoming a CENA. Angela is an awesome teacher and cares very much about her students. It definitely shows! Her helping staff is also amazing and makes you feel very comfortable and I will definitely be going back to the academy to even learn more and practice.
Abigail P.
Great experience and great opportunity for students in pre-professional careers! I’m still in college and the course was well organized and manageable with other classes. The job agreement guaranteed students a position as a CNA at Shelby Rehab Center for 6 months. Loved it!
Meryl G.
It was a Great Experience, Instructor was awesome Miss Angela you Rock. Classmates became friends and Family. For Future Recommendation we would appreciate if one Clinical Skills will be discussed that Day all of Us will be Practiced one on One and will be Graded Right Then for Greater Understanding and Greater Learning. Above All, It was a Great Experience and I will Highly Recommend This School for Everyone who is Looking to Upgrade Career Path/Goal.
Mama M.
Great Teacher!.. and Great facilities!.. I love it here I always feel at home!